Real Person Behind The Bigg Boss Voice

Hey everyone, Today we will talk about the real person behind the Bigg Boss voice. This topic is very interesting. No one can know the name of this real person which was behind the voice of Bigg Boss. let’s know about them.

About Bigg Boss Show:

Bigg Boss Is the India based reality show. This was India’s No. 1 reality show. During the season show get highest TRP(Television Rating Point). The season comes in 1 time in one year. It is a 90 days reality show.

The show started in 2006 and completed it’s 11 seasons. The Season starting October month (mostly) and end in 1st week of next year’s January. This time is very interesting.

According to the leaks, this season will be starting before the one week. This season will different than the others seasons. In this season there was the “Jodi” concept for contester.

Bigg Boss Voice:

In this reality show, there was the bigg boss named person’s voice over gave the orders to the contestants. Thay give the order during the Tasks. Like luxury budget task, captainship task, nomination task. They starting the voice by saying “Bigg Boss Chahte Hee”. It was mysterious feeling for contestants.

Real Person Behind The Bigg Boss Voice:

bigg boss voice

The name of the person is “Atul Kapur”. He was the famous voice avers in the world. The voiceover in the Hollywood and Bollywood movies also.

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