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Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss 12 Voot: Some of them are waiting badly because they like to see the Bigg Boss series. But no bigg boss wants to apply for 12 colors show.

How to fill the registration form of Bigg Boss 12, what is the audition process of Bigg Boss Season 12, and how many people are there to prepare for the Bigg Boss 12 audition. There are so many questions for which people are searching on the internet and on a bad basis here. But do not worry, here we will tell you all the answers to all the questions. Live video chat with strangers using

Even for the announcement of Bigg Boss 12 Audition 2018 or for the Entry form of Bigg Boss Season 12 Colors Channel Show, we are getting lots of messages waiting for the audience waiting for it. Very soon, 12 official lines of Bigg Boss will be open for online registration and audition. If you are getting eager to become a member of Bigg Boss Season 12, be ready to fill the BB Season 12, 2018 entry form.

Bigg Boss 12 Registration

How To Prepare For Selection In Bigg Boss 12

Here we are providing complete information from phase and point to fill the registration form, Bigg Boss 12, 2018. So you follow these steps and therefore be ready to make a career in the TV line.

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Recently, when Salman Khan declared Manvir Gurjar as the winner of the show, the show’s host Salman Khan admitted that the commoners are the strengths of this country. But people are saying rumors or internal sources that there will be no common concept in Bigg Boss 12. But see, no official announcement has yet been made.

So you are getting ready to apply for the upcoming season of Bigg Boss and this is Bigg Boss 12, 2018. Bollywood’s Dabangg Salman Khan also announces the Big Bash season 12, 2018 for the registration and audition. There is no official announcement for the exact date of the Biggt Boss 12 online audition in 2018. For more information, you should check this post carefully and read the details below: –

Bigg Boss 12 Registration Form

Bigg Boss 12 2018 / BB Season 12 Registration Form

The Bigg Boss 12 2018 will start from the same time as mid-September and then ends at the same time, i.e. In the last week of January. But here we are reading to discuss the registration form and audition criteria of Bigg Boss 12 series. So friends, here I am going to disclose this month in which registration and audition will start for this season. It will start in the month of May 2018 and it will continue until next month of 2018. But this is temporary information.

Apply Now

How To Prepare For Selection In Bigg Boss 12

But if there is any change in the beginning and closing date of Bigg Boss 12, then we will inform you here as a single platform. So it is a golden opportunity for all the goods or Indians to be part of this biggest controversial reality show of Indian television.


How To Register For The Bigg Boss 12

First of all, you need to prepare HD quality that is high quality and a small video of your identity in which your face and voice are well understood by your attractive introduction.

Second, this phase is to go to Colors Channel’s official website and then go to the category of Bigg Boss 11. There you will see the Bigg Boss 12 online entry form in 2018. Go there and fill it out but before submitting it, you will see an option there, also for uploading a photo and a video, then do this work and submit your form successfully.

How To Prepare For Selection In Bigg Boss 12

  • As we know, Bigg Boss wants only one video that entertains viewers or people, you get an option through which you can create a video by clicking on the link and then submit it directly. In addition, you will find a link to “How to Create Video for Bigg Boss 12” Click on it and learn about it.
  • Now you have uploaded a video and a photo for the final submission of Bigg Boss 12 registration 2018.
  • After this, Bigg Boss will choose the best video and then he will inform you or inform you via e-mail, or just ask you to notify the next step for Bigg Boss 12 entry 2018.

Bigg Boss 12 Audition Criteria / Steps / Process:

1. The first step is to register yourself for the Bigg Boss 12 audition 2017.

2. In the middle of the registration process, as we told you to already create a good HD quality video and upload it to the official website of Bigg Boss 12.

3. Even you people already keep this video as a copy for future concerns.

4. Now you will have to fill in the online application form with your correct details like your name, address, mobile number and e-mail id etc.

5. Upload your HD videos and photos there

6. The main thing is that you have to read all the terms and conditions of Bigg Boss Season 12 carefully.

How To Prepare For Selection In Bigg Boss 12

The questions asked in the Bigg Boss 12 registration form: –

1. What is your age? Over 18 years

2. What is the time limit for uploading videos? No more than 3 minutes

3. What is the size of the video? Maximum 50 MB in size

4. Are you a citizen of Indian or India? For Indians only

5. Is there any registration fee? There is no registration fee, it is totally free.

6. How many videos to send? You only have to send 1 video.

7. How do you know that the application has been successfully submitted?

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