Bigg Boss 12 : Frequently Asked Questions 2018

Bigg Boss 12 Questions

Bigg Boss is one of the best reality shows in India and is always loved by the audience. The Bigg Boss season 12 is about to begin, auditions have started for both celebrities and common people. People are asking about some auditions, so, here are some questions that are often asked.

Bigg Boss 12 FAQs

Bigg Boss 12 FAQs 2018

Question: What is the minimum age requirement?
Ans. Applicants must be 18 years of age to apply.

Question: I have a video longer than 3 minutes, can I apply?
Ans. No, your video should be less than 3 minutes or 3 minutes. Any video over 3 minutes will be rejected.

Question: What is the size of the video?
Ans. The video size should be at most 50 MB

Question: I am not an Indian citizen / Indian resident … Can I register?
Ans. No. Participation is open to Indian citizens living in India only.

Question: Do I need to fill in all the details in the form?
Ans. All mandatory details are required, but it is recommended that you fill in the maximum details as this will help you to know better.

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Question: Is there any registration fee for any type of registration?
Ans. No

Question: How many videos can I send?
Ans. You can send as many video as you want.

Question: How do I know if my video has been uploaded successfully?
Ans. On successful submissions, a message confirming successful submission of the video will be displayed.

Question: When will I know whether I have been chosen or not?
Ans. The uploaded video will be evaluated on the basis of our evaluation and screening process and if your video is shortlisted then the team will contact you by email or call to inform you. Only selected participants will be contacted. For the selection of final participants to participate in Bigg Boss-11, there will be around ahead of the audition (as determined by Viacom18).

Question: Can I share audition video links on various social networking websites?
Ans. As the entries furnished by the mentioned system will be accepted and any other entry will be screened or seen.

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Question: What should be about the video?
Ans. Just tell us where you are from, how is this a part of your personality, or how it can help you to do good on the Bigg Boss. If you have an interesting job, talk about your work and how this skill can help you win the show. The video should not be obscene, abusive or offensive in any way and should not violate copyright, the right to privacy or any other right of any person should not.

Question: Is there any other option to separate from online?
Ans. Yes you can send PO Box No. 11943 – in the Azad Nagar Post Office, Mumbai 400053 on your entries on DVD

Question: Can I send my audition video by sending a DVD throughthe online audition?
Ans. There is no need to send entries through both systems.

Question: What will be entry fee for Entry in Bigg Boss 12?

Ans. No audition fees will be entertained.

Question: When will the audition of Bigg Boss 12 start?

Ans. In May or June of 2018
Question: When will Begum Boss Season 12 start?

Ans. In October 2018

Question: What will be the low age to participate in Bigg Boss 12?

Ans. 18 years

Question: Who will host Bigg Boss 12?

Ans. Salman Khan

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