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Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss 12: The big news related to the season of Big Boss has come up. Colors Channel has said that what will be the most important thing to take part in ‘Bigg Boss 12‘. The Bigg Boss season 11, where the neighbors had been in the limelight, and for the next season, the Big Boss has laid a pair of pairs. Colors Channel has written on his channel’s Twitter page for those wishing to participate in the show: “The Big Boss-12 is going to start soon and this time we are looking for pairs. In Big Boss’s house to double Dhamaal Come along with your partner, the auditions have started.” Start live random video chat with  Ome TV.


BiggBoss is back anew with its 12th season. This time, we are higher than eternally. Bigg Boss 12 is hosted by Salman Khan. Which You can watch Bigg Boss 12 show on the Colors TV.


Officially Open Bigg Boss 12 Registration On Voot

You and your accomplice can interface the Bigg Boss 12 pack! Truly, you express that right. You and your partner. It could be your sister, companion, supervisor, relative, and so forth. So what are you orchestrating for? Go ahead. Grandstand your big names and capacity, and procure your approach to name, notoriety and the prize cash on the Bigg Boss 12!

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You will find all latest updates and news of this season of Bigg Boss 2018. This blog updated daily bases with the latest daily update of the BB12 house and BB12 players. BB12 based on partner concept. Yes, You can participate with your partner. Your partner may your sister, your brother, father. The previous season was based on padosis.

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Participant Vikas Gupta, who participated in the Big Boss, has indicated that the pair can participate in the forthcoming season of this reality show. When the show was started in 2006, celebrities from various fields like film, television, sports, politics etc. came to the house of Big Boss. In the last two seasons, common people are also seen in the show, but in the 12th season of the show mother-son or siblings and such other pairs can participate. Vikas told the media in an event, “I do not know for sure whether there are couples joining or not. I know that there will be additions this time.


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Watch Bigg Boss 12 Promo अगर आपने सोचा था कि सलमान खान पोस्ट-दूस का दुम गायब होने जा रहा है तो आप निश्चित रूप से गलत हैं क्योंकि सुपरस्टार ने बिग बॉस के विवादास्पद शो के एक और सत्र के लिए अपने मोजे खींच लिया है। सुपरहिट रियलिटी शो का बारहवां सीजन जल्द ही टेलीविजन …